Zombie Reddy Full Movie Leaked Online by Illegal Piracy Websites

Zombie Reddy Full Movie Leaked Online by Illegal Piracy Websites.

The latest movie Zombie Reddy has been leaked by torrent websites. It became a trend to leak a movie. All the latest movies are available for free on illegal torrent websites.

They all leak the movie or web series and lay down the particular movie or web series market. That’s why the blockbuster movie does not involve 100 or 200 or 300 crore clubs.

When the movie leaks, the box office collection decreases because the same movie becomes available on illegal piracy websites.

Zombie Reddy Full Movie Leaked

If we discuss the latest movie, Zombie Reddy leak, it was leaked by some Indian piracy websites. A few days after the leak, it has been available in HD quality.

Zombie Reddy is a zombie comedy movie. It includes horror with comedy. So, the mixture is exciting. Zombie Reddy is the first zombie movie in the whole Telugu industry. It was set in the district of Kurnool.

Zombie Reddy was directed and produced by Prasanth Varma and Raj Sekhar Varma, respectively. Tajuddin Syed wrote the movie Zombie Reddy’s dialogues.

Prasanth Varma gave the story of the movie Zombie Reddy. Scriptsville did the screenplay. Zombie Reddy was completed under Apple Trees Studios, and Geetha Arts and Sicily Monks distributed it.

Zombie Reddy was released on 5th February 2021. The running time of the movie Zombie Reddy is around 125 minutes. It was first released in the Telugu language with a budget of Rs. 4 crores, and the box office has collected around Rs. 15 crores.

The cast of Zombie Reddy includes Sajja Teja as Marripala Obul Reddy alias Mario, Anandhi as Nandini Reddy or Sailaja Reddy, Daksha Nagarkar as Maggie, RJ Hemanth as Kalyan, Lahari Shari as Pushkala Reddy, Vinay Varma as Bhooma Reddy, Getup Srinu as Kasi Reddy, Naga Mahesh as Veera Reddy, Hari Teja as Talambari, Harsha Vardhan as Pratap Reddy, Kireeti Damaraju as Bhadram, Prudhvi Raj as Veera Reddy’s henchman, Mamilla Shailaja Priya as Mario’s mother, Annapoorna as Pushkala’s grandmother, Raghu Karumanchi, Raghu Babu as Young Prudhvi Raj, Vitta Mahesh as Masi Reddy, Charandeep as Bhooma Reddy’s henchman, Vijay Ranga Raju as Sailaja’s grandfather, Tripuraneni Chitti as Mad Scientist, and Keshav Deepak as Doctor.

The movie Zombie Reddy was announced officially on 08/08/2020. The date was announced with the motion poster of Zombie Reddy. The movie collected Rs. 2.26 crores on the first day of its release.

Find the trailer of Zombie Reddy below.

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