Death Stranding is expected to be released in November

Hideo Kojima, the creator declared the release date of his new game ‘Death Stranding’ to be November 8th.

This was followed after teasing this game on a fascinatingly cryptic Twitch stream for several hours.

This is termed cryptic because this live stream featured various handprints covering the footage.

It was seemingly impossible to figure out what exactly was happening initially but as time went on, the viewers were able to tell.

The tagline given to this new game is “the world is in your hands”. This explains the handprints mentioned above.

At the end of the live stream, was the release date and a new trailer which displayed the cast of the game.

The plot of the video game which will release on the PS4 later this year revolves around the development of a city which is in ruins.

This would be done by aggressively fighting off people adorning hazmat suits and also passing by peculiar ghost figures in the forest.

Said game was introduced to the world by Hideo Kojima in 2016 and odd trailers have been coming in ever since.

This game was introduced after Hideo Kojima left both these series: Metal Gear Solid and Konami.

Hideo Kojima has kept a lot of the details of the game under wraps but now his dear fans and followers are a step closer to playing this game on their consoles.

Also, some details have been revealed and the fans are excited for the same.

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