Dominion, a new photo anticipates the return of Alan Grant

While the highly anticipated post-production proceeds Jurassic World: Dominion di Colin Trevorrow, the final chapter of the sequel saga of the Jurassic Park trilogy, Michael Giacchino is very busy composing the soundtrack of the film, and from one of his scores the musician anticipates the return of Alan Grant.

Not that we didn’t know, of course: Sam Neill, Laura Dern e Jeff Goldblum they will reprise their mythical roles from the original saga, but from the photo shared via social media by the musician we see that the composer is working on a song dedicated to the paleontologist.

What pushed it anyway Trevorrow to return to directing the filmHowever, Trevorrow revealed it to Entertainment Weekly’s microphones, explaining with great sincerity

Very honestly it’s just because I love it. I really have no better answer than this. I was very lucky to be involved in different types of stories and after collaborating with Juan Antonio Bayona on the second film, it was inspiring for me to see how another director managed to play that central chapter of the story. I was genuinely moved by the experience. And at that moment I was having a hard time. So, diving back into this dinosaur world with another director and making something we strongly believed in gave me the desire to finish with my own hands when I started.“.

Jurassic World: Dominion will be released in American cinemas on June 10, 2022.

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