“My mother killed my father to save me”

In a long interview with CNN, Charlize Theron he recounted the profound drama that marked his childhood. In fact, her mother Gerda, in self-defense, killed her husband, a deeply violent and disturbed man who often endangered their lives.

When the facts happened, the actress had just turned 15: “My dad was so drunk he shouldn’t even have been able to walk when he walked into the house with a gun. My mom and I were in my bedroom, leaning against the door as he tried to knock her down. He then fired three shots. None of the bullets hit us by a miracle. “

Then Charlize Theron who has had a long relationship with Sean Penn said: “He shot in self-defense for this reason no charges have been brought against him, ended years of threats. He did it just to defend me. This type of family violence is something I share with many people. I’m not ashamed to talk about these things, because I think the more we talk, the more we realize that we are not alone. It’s terrible growing up with a drug addict, it stays with you for life “.

Despite many difficulties, the actress managed to become one of the most successful stars of today’s cinema. So if you feel like it, take a look at Charlize Theron’s best performances.

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