The Tutorial Is Too Hard Chapter 136 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

The Tutorial Is Too Hard Chapter 136 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Surely it’s challenging to make a living as a gamer. In order to remain relevant, you will need to maintain up with the competition and study up on currently popular book titles. The actual world could need your services someday. A similar plot may be found in The Tutorial Is Too Difficult.

The protagonist is a professional online gamer who eventually burns out and becomes disenchanted with his chosen occupation. But one day he’ll get to put his strategies to the test in front of an audience for the greater good of all humanity. The narrative of how he stays alive and helps others is riveting.

The manga’s original story has won over many fans among the fandom’s dedicated readers. Many readers are eager for the next chapter of The Tutorial is Too Hard to find out when it will be available.

The publication of the newest chapter, 136, of “The Tutorial is Too Hard,” has been anxiously anticipated by readers. Hojae’s exploits on Aoeyo Island throughout the great paramal celebration are the subject of this chapter. As the island is being transformed into a paradise, Hojae has a new challenge: controlling his behavior after consuming too much paramal.

Hojae learned that during the month-long big paramal celebration, the island of Aoeyo became a utopia for humans. In Chapter 136 of The Tutorial Is Too Hard, readers were left wondering how Hojae would keep himself under control after consuming too much paramal.

They were all making their way to the pool and Hojae was invited to join them. The offer was graciously refused by Hojae, who had left for lunch. They all pointed out that this was his second refusal and urged him to see if he could squeeze them in before the event closed.

The Tutorial Is Too Hard Chapter 136 Release Date:

Is this manga going to end with Chapter 136? We have some wonderful news for you, if you are an otaku who enjoyed The Tutorial is Too Hard.

The manga will not be concluding anytime soon. Many plot threads involving the characters must be wrapped up. A more manageable lesson would be welcome.

The publication date of Chapter 136 is October 24th, 2023. On Tuesday, the next chapter will be available to Otakus. Korea, Japan, India, the USA, the Philippines, Australia, Singapore, & Indonesia will all have the same publication date for Chapter 136.

The Tutorial Is Too Hard Chapter 136 Trailer Release:

The Tutorial Is Too Hard Chapter 136 does have an accompanying video clip.

The Tutorial Is Too Hard Chapter 136 Storyline:

His whole life, he had been closing himself off from others. Not simply at home or among friends, but physically present with them. The relief he felt after breaking through those barriers was immense.

You don’t discover trustworthy friends very frequently, but they’re there when you need them. That way, he could relax and take in the thrill of the celebration. The family was the kind for whom one would risk death to protect.

Hojae requested a minute of Hyang’s time so he could have a sip of his Paramal. When Hojae asked Hyang whether he was familiar with paramal, Hyang said that he was.

He informed her he wanted to find out more information. Paramal’s capacity to encourage open communication regarding emotions grew as the event progressed.

In fact, he was so perceptive that he could often accurately predict what others were thinking or doing. Hyang wasn’t curious enough in his inquiry to figure out what he meant.

Already, she could sense his want for deeper emotional connection. Hyang explained to him that, throughout her time spent touring the island where no one resided, she only heard rumors about it. A sacred site from a long-lost religion has been uncovered. There were recipes for an unusual drink and scribbled notes on a story.

They were the reliable companions who are difficult to discover even once in a lifetime. He had the type of family that would happily put it all on the line for him, so all he could do was revel in the delight and take part in the celebrations.

Hojae, who was imbibing paramal at the time, begged Hyang for a minute of his time. Hojae inquired as to Hyang’s familiarity with paramal, but Hyang dismissed his inquiry.

Hojae informed her he was curious and would want to hear more. The impact of Paramal on individuals opening up and revealing their feelings got greater the longer the festival lasted.

To the point where he could approximatively predict someone else’s motivations or thinking. Hyang wasn’t curious enough to probe for the motive behind his inquiry.

Already, she sensed his want for deeper connection. Hyang informed him that prior to her own exploration of the island, she only had heard rumors about it.

A mystery drink’s formula and documents of its transmission down the generations were discovered in an old religious institution. Hyang further by saying the royal family was credited with establishing the paradise of dreams when they recreated the drink and gave it the name Paramal.

Hojae was taken aback by this news since he had no idea what a paradise was. The royal family, however, could only allow distribution on the island because to its difficulty in production.

You have found our article’s intro previously. So, now that you know the setup for this manga, allow me to continue. Lee Ho Jae, one of the best gamers in his nation, is the protagonist.

Still, he’s managed to piss away at least thirty years of his existence on a fruitless quest. Lee is giving it his all in an attempt to defeat the game’s last monster in Dungeons and Stones. He exerted increasing effort in an attempt to complete the game’s last challenge.

Lee Ho Jae ultimately prevailed. He prevails in the boss battle, but that’s not where things become interesting. A notice reading “Tutorial Complete” appeared on his screen shortly thereafter.

Before Lee could vent his anger at this text, he was struck by a mysterious light. Lee awoke at a later time period looking like a primitive person. Now he is known as Bjorn Yandel, a top-tier boxer. However, he is sitting this one out.

The virtual world has merged with the actual one. If the demons or the law enforcement find out who Bjorn really is, they will kill him. He must use his gaming expertise to outwit the demons.

Ho Jae tries to medicate himself with paramal in Chapter 135. It’s a medicine that aids in emotional expression rather than emotional distance. Ho Jae is one of them; he has spent his whole life trying to remain anonymous.

So, Lee Ho Jae is making an effort to leave his comfort zone once again. Without realizing it, he began engaging Hyang in conversation more frequently a possible side effect of Paramal.

Hyang reveals some information regarding Paramal later on in this chapter. It was nearly a hallucinogenic drug in the ways that the kings prepared and utilized it.

Where To Watch The Tutorial Is Too Hard Chapter 136?

A more manageable lesson would be welcome. Tapas will soon have Chapter 136 translated into English. Chapter 136 will soon be available in raw form on the Kakao website.

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