Writer Gail Simone points to future plans for Barbara Gordon in DC movies


Batgirl in the comics of DC Comics

The alleged future plans of Warner Bros. Pictures for DC would include a Batgirl-centered movie, but the truth is that Barbara Gordon is an absence in the most immediate future, as would be the film of Birds of prey, which in comics usually has Barbara as a member of her identity as Oracle / Oracle. In fact, originally Batgirl was part of the script of the film adaptation, but ended up rethinking the project leaving it out.

Meanwhile, as we say, Batgirl's solo project from the screenwriter of "Birds of prey", Christina Hodson, who will probably be PG-13 and would be the studio's priority even with no release date set.

However, it's not all bad news for Batgirl and Barbara Gordon fans. Gail Simone, who wrote several comics of Birds of prey, has indicated that multiple projects involving Barbara Gordon are being developed. The comment comes in response to a message from a user who regrets Barbara's absence in "Birds of prey".

I'm a little depressed about Barbara, but she's getting a lot of love that will come soon in other DC movies, so …

Could Simone's comment be related to recent rumors that Batgirl might be present in a certain way in "The Batman"?


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